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Main Info
Sergiy Golenkov
18, Fontanskaya Doroga str., off. 7, Odessa, Ukraine
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We are requested all crew staff for: BC, GC, CONT, Tank (Oil / Chem)
Navig. and Eng. Officers with good English for: BC (Handy, Panamax, Cape sizes), CONT, Tank.
TOP-4 staff (max 60 y.o.) for DC and GC
All officers for Offshore fleet with good English and exprnc.
positionsalarytermvesseljoin date
Electrician 3500 6+/-1 mnth Bulk carrier *** ***
Second Engineer 5500 7+-2 mnth Bulk carrier *** ***
Chief Officer 5500 7+/-2 mnth Bulk carrier *** ***
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